My Three Favorite Foods That Help Improve Our Overall Health

Hello everyone! Spring is near and I’m sure we have all felt it after the clocks went ahead an hour on Sunday. On the bright side that means we get to start talking about food we love to eat in the spring and share all our home cooked recipes! Spring is personally my favorite time of the year as my mental health is always a lot more stable when the sun is shinning.

In this blog I want to talk about the foods I love to eat that help improve my mental and physical health. We all know how important it is to monitor what goes into our bodies, especially if we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I am definitely not perfect when it comes to healthy eating, but I do try my very best with these three favourites of mine!

Pink Salmon

Salmon is personally my favorite food to serve for dinner. It is easy to make and doesn’t take too long to prepare. It is especially great in the summer for a BBQ! Eating Salmon comes along with a lot of health benefits. Salmon is rich in Omega -3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar, it has also been shown to reduce disease risk factors!


Kefir is a huge hit in my household! My boyfriend loves to drink Kefir yogurt drinks and will often drink them when he is sick. Ultimately Kefir is made of probitoics that help aid in nutrient absorption. Kefir is great for a filling but light and healthy breakfast!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are something I never really liked to eat until recently. I have to admit I didn’t know sweet potatoes had so many health benefits! I was really surprised when I heard it can help with healthy brain function, something I will never say no to is food that helps my brain function healthy. Sweet potatoes are also high in fiber, so they are great for stomach digestion. Sweet Potatoes have also been suggested to have cancer fighting properties. These sweet things are just great all around and so tasty to eat!

xx The Anxious Blogger xx

Making It Through Today With Anxiety

The Mind Connectory

Anxiety can cripple you and control you and your day – but only if you allow it to. When we get anxious it’s mostly because we have a fear that something is worse than what it actually is. We amplify its connotations into something that seems monumentally more severe.

Rationalise your thoughts today and try to have better thoughts. What normally helps is writing things down that are worrying you and making a plan of attack for when you will get anxious. You know yourself better than anyone – so use that experience.

If you know you have a big presentation and you will be riddled with fear or nervous prior, what can you do to calm yourself? Maybe practice with a colleague or classmate in the lead up to the presentation to become more confident in your voice.

If you have an exam and you’re afraid you might fail…

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How I Overcame Losing My Job Due To My Mental Illness

Hi all and welcome to The Anxious Bloggers first real blog post! As the title says we will be talking about the time I lost my job due to my mental illness. Yes, losing your job due to mental illness is a very real thing and I’m excited to cover this topic.

I started a new job in September, it was a child care job. I was used to children, I worked with them for the past 3 or so years. I have two younger siblings that I helped my mother with all the time, so this job seemed like nothing to me when I applied to it. I should mention leading up to this I was very depressed and anxious, prior to applying I quite two other jobs in that same year due to my anxiety and depression. I still thought it was a piece of cake. Interview day came, I was drowning in depression, sitting at the edge of my bed contemplating whether I’d go to this interview or not. At the time it was only my boyfriend working and paying the bills so I pushed myself there. I was surprised when I got a call that same day with a job offer, considering my interview was not up to my standards due to me being so depressed that day. I took me getting the job as a sign from the universe that it’s my first step to becoming better. I started 1 week later. I was the senior school ages assistant teacher and when I tell you getting to know these kids and making a positive connection with them really had me in a whirlwind of emotions. These kids hated me! They really didn’t want me as their teacher, they didn’t care about the rules and they didn’t care about the consequences, I honestly had no idea what to do. I went home crying every night. Evidently, my anxiety got worse causing my depression to really show its true colours. At this point from the stress of the job and the energy, I was putting in to make the connection with these children was taking its toll on me and my relationship. The worst day of my career came, I lost our classroom backpack that unfortunately held all the children’s confidential information along with prescribed puffers and EpiPens. To say the least, my job was about to go down the shitter real fast, and I knew it. I took this series of unfortunate events as a sign that my mental health was coming in the way of my job. I did all I could to recover from my mistake. I decided it was a good idea to sit down with my supervisor and tell her about my mental illness. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing, I really believed she would accommodate my very rapidly increasing anxiety and move me to another classroom where I was able to deal with the stress of work. This conversation went the very opposite of the way I planned it go. To be honest with you my uber ride to work that day I was thinking about how my suicide will affect my family, this clearly was not a good day for me, I was confused and I was just so far gone mentally I couldn’t grasp what was going through my head anymore. I ended up losing my job. My supervisor wasn’t impressed in my lack of ability to “ground myself” or “leave my problems at the door” she saw it best for my mental health I give my notice. She wasn’t going to fire me though because she thought it would be detrimental to my mental health if I were to be fired. I still think to this day that our conversation was what set my path for the rest of my working days at this workplace. I don’t think there wasn’t a day I didn’t ask myself why I was still there. Why was I working for a company that wouldn’t accommodate my disability? That is what made my mental health worse, the lack of support in an industry that was highly supported by the mental health community. I felt like the world didn’t want me anymore because I was mentally ill. This whole experience really set me back. I was feeling a lot of emotions and didn’t know what to do with them. My supervisor let me work through Christmas and I left just after New Years. Now I was left to pick up the pieces of discrimination, something I never have experienced before because I was mentally ill. Now I knew for the rest of my life I’d be fighting the statistics and proving to the world that the mentally ill can function too and live on to become great human beings. I am grateful for this experience, it taught me how to be strong in a time when being strong was so hard to do.

I hope you can take something positive away from this story.

I want you all to remember that there’s mental illness everywhere. It is invisible, we cannot see it, so please be kind to everyone.

xx The Anxious Blogger xx

Welcome to The Anxious Blogger

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