My Three Favorite Foods That Help Improve Our Overall Health

Hello everyone! Spring is near and I’m sure we have all felt it after the clocks went ahead an hour on Sunday. On the bright side that means we get to start talking about food we love to eat in the spring and share all our home cooked recipes! Spring is personally my favorite time of the year as my mental health is always a lot more stable when the sun is shinning.

In this blog I want to talk about the foods I love to eat that help improve my mental and physical health. We all know how important it is to monitor what goes into our bodies, especially if we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I am definitely not perfect when it comes to healthy eating, but I do try my very best with these three favourites of mine!

Pink Salmon

Salmon is personally my favorite food to serve for dinner. It is easy to make and doesn’t take too long to prepare. It is especially great in the summer for a BBQ! Eating Salmon comes along with a lot of health benefits. Salmon is rich in Omega -3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar, it has also been shown to reduce disease risk factors!


Kefir is a huge hit in my household! My boyfriend loves to drink Kefir yogurt drinks and will often drink them when he is sick. Ultimately Kefir is made of probitoics that help aid in nutrient absorption. Kefir is great for a filling but light and healthy breakfast!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are something I never really liked to eat until recently. I have to admit I didn’t know sweet potatoes had so many health benefits! I was really surprised when I heard it can help with healthy brain function, something I will never say no to is food that helps my brain function healthy. Sweet potatoes are also high in fiber, so they are great for stomach digestion. Sweet Potatoes have also been suggested to have cancer fighting properties. These sweet things are just great all around and so tasty to eat!

xx The Anxious Blogger xx

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